Using Systems as a Means to Hear Your Inner Voice

At the request of some of our other Mars Venus coaches, here’s a little story of how I, Lyndsay Katauskas, came to Mars Venus Coaching, and what listening to my inner spiritual voice has helped me do to become successful. My intention is not just motivation, but inspiration, because I believe some part of this story will resonate with you.

One of the most important things I do with my clients is attending to their spiritual development. When you are in harmony with what is for our highest good, then instead of fighting with your Will, like in martial arts, you learn to flow with the energy surrounding all of us. If you are always acting from a place of what’s in the best interest for all, then this is when you are able to get outside of yourself and temporarily bypass your own emotional blocks to truly be present for the person you’re there to help.

I knew this before coming to Mars Venus Coaching or reading John Gray’s, Ph.D., How to Get What You Want, and Want What You Have. Prior to attending training I read through this book (and all the other suggested books!) and did all of John Gray’s. Ph.D., suggested meditations at the end of the book. I cleared my blocks. I cannot tell you how many Feeling and Response Letters I have written. And, it doesn’t stop. As a counselor I did similar energy clearing. I neither picked up my client’s negative vibrations, nor let an off day on my part affect the work I was doing with my clients.  I could tell you how many my clients write—Feeling Letters are often part of their 90 Day Action Plan, and it’s something we test and measure as we track the cycles.

This also gets into if you’re coaching someone to a 90 Day Action Plan, if you are not modeling these behaviors yourself in your own business and life, then leads and clients pick up on this. So sometimes the simplest answer—follow the system—really is the most profound as well.

I work in blocks of 30 minutes to an hour, one to three times, three times a week on growing my business structure, pursuing leads, and tending to my clients via email and social media. This is in between going to the pool with our son, painting, cleaning the house, and running errands. This means that four days a week I am devoted to my family, raising our child, working out, and pursuing hobbies.

Each time I take on another client, I have to re-assess with my husband how I’ll fit in another hour-long client session. For me coaching sessions tend to be either in the evening when my husband’s home, when my son’s in preschool two days a week for 2.5 hours, or else I do a cost-benefit and get a babysitter. If I was not methodical in how I run my business, then it would be extremely difficult to intuitively listen to what’s really going on—both with my own development, and that of my clients.

And, this may be something for you to be aware of as well. As you work at changing leads into clients, be cognizant of whether or not the feelings that surface in you are your own, or somebody else’s. If they are not yours, and you’re acting as a sponge as you build your clients up—make sure you take the time and do the spiritual work to rid yourself of whatever you picked up so it does not affect your personal life.

As we build a coaching relationship if our own insecurities get the best of us, then clients are not forthcoming. It’s not that we didn’t try or work hard enough; it is that our attention is not completely focused on their possibilities.

If you’re cluttered or blocked, then people subconsciously pick up on this. Pumping yourself up with positive self-talk will not work long term unless you’ve changed your underlying beliefs and work from an ego-less place all the time.

Like what I wrote on Twitter today:

We’re all spiritual beings, it’s whether or not we can get past our fear & on to loving that grows our faith & connection. –Lyndsay Katauskas

For me—this is why I’m passionate about being a part of the growth and awareness of being a Mars Venus Coach. It’s also why I chose to become affiliated with Mars Venus Coaching. I have a burning desire to make big shifts in our collective consciousness so more people can realize their potential and fulfill their dreams. When I chose this company it was part-content and part-global reach.

Some days I do question why I pursue helping people have healthier relationships by teaching them communication skills, gender intelligence, and emotional intelligence—but I’m finding those days are not because of my doubts, but picking up on other people’s disbelief that it really is this easy.

Work on making your relationships work—both internally and with others. Healthy relationships makes your quality of life go up. This enables you to focus on what really matters fulfilling your dreams. It’s then that we all begin living in endless possibilities.

While we’re helping some people attack the monkeys on their back, it seems inevitable that I bring up how they’re doing spiritually, and make this part of their 90 Day Action Plan. I’ve found that most people are curious about exploring this realm more and working through their blocks that stand in the way of realizing their absolute potential.  I bring in spirituality, because as they strive to achieve their goals by doing daily action steps—when they hit a road block, which they do, you can teach them the cyclical nature of productive periods and then down time when they’re checking in with their higher self and paving the way for that next creative cycle of what’s next.

This is what works for me, will it work for you? And, how can I help? Please read and direct your clients to the Mars Venus articles that I’m writing—it’s another great tool for you to connect with each other.

Lyndsay Katauskas, MEd

Mars Venus Coaching

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