Are You Out There Throwing the Ball?

There are books available on every subject, and reading a great book can be very helpful when looking to learn ways to increase your business. But reading or writing about something is only half the battle – if you aren’t out there doing, your research goes nowhere.

With this tip from Coach Rich Bernstein, you can see a great illustration of getting out there and “throwing the ball.”

Good morning, everyone, Rich Bernstein from Mars Venus Coaching. I hope you are having a wonderful week. It is Wednesday and this week is going by very quickly. But I actually had a very interesting talk with some coaches today and this is going to be a very interesting tip that I hope will make sense to all of you.

I spend a lot of time trying to teach coaches the theory of what they’re learning on how to get clients, on how to market themselves, on how to actually coach clients on PowerPoint or on their training sessions or reading a book. I was actually talking to my coach the other day and he said something interesting very interesting to me. I have a little boy who plays football. My coach said, “when you’re teaching your boy how to throw a football” – and he is a quarterback – he actually said, “think about it: if you teach him out of a book or you get him to write it down – or you teach him PowerPoint, where he’s learning all the mechanics of how the ball spins and all of that – how well can you teach him until he goes into the backyard and actually starts throwing the ball. As soon as he starts throwing the ball, he’s taking it from theory and to actual implementation. So think about it for a minute: if he throws the ball and then he has to think about how his arm works, how it feels to him, and the first time he throws it, it falls on the ground. The next time he throws it, it goes a little further. Then he starts to get a little accuracy. The more and more he practices that, the better he gets at doing it.”

How does this apply to your business? How much are you actually learning, whether you are marketing for clients or you’re marketing for own business, or you’re doing a sales process. When you are learning how to do it, are you out in the backyard, throwing the ball?

So today I want to challenge you to get out there and throw the ball more. How many times do you throw it? My son threw that ball at least a hundred times before he started to get some practice and get good at throwing the ball. How many times are you out there throwing it, or are you inside reading the book on how to throw the ball?

That’s my tip of the day: spend more time throwing the ball. Thanks. See you tomorrow.