The Fine Art of Kissing 101 (We like Each Other)

By Mari Lyles, Your Tango, Jun 12th 2012.

Let Your Smooches Make a Lasting Impression

Quite frankly, kissing seems like it would be one of those instinctive things humans do – like yawning, stretching or scratching. What’s the big deal about two pair of lips locking together? Well, some kisses can be relationship ending turn-offs, so stomach churning that the recipient never wants to encounter your lips again . . so yuck-inducing that the thought of your lips touching theirs makes them want to heave. Seriously, I’ve had kisses so bad I wanted to hurl in my mouth. But I digress . . . .

So, here we go with the “rules” and “wherefores” of Kissing 101 “I like you, you like me kissing that leaves a favorable impression.

Note: This is not kissing 5.0: “We’re going to have sex right after this.” That’s another day and another article – Steamy Kissing!

Rule #1:
Make certain your breath is fresh, minty or otherwise. Few things are as noxious as a mouth that tastes of garlic, cheetos and old fish.

Rule #2
There is something about kissably soft, smooth lips that hypnotize and beckon you, ever so sweetly, to come play with them. Make sure your lips are as tantalizing as they can be.

Rule #3
Part your lips slightly. Remember, this isn’t about swallowing his head. No one wants their face drenched in your saliva. Repeat – Do not open your mouth so wide your partner could take swimming lessons in your throat.

Rule #4
Tongues generally meet when kissing, however, do not, do not, do NOT, grab his tongue for dear life. He can’t breathe, and he’ll choke. Do not try to give him a tonsillectomy.

Rule #5
Plant your kisses all over his mouth, the corners, his top lip and bottom. Then draw back a little before allowing the kiss to proceed.

Rule #6
Relax. Don’t get so uptight – wondering how the kiss will be, does he like you or doesn’t he, will he ever date you again or not – that you feel stiff as a boulder in his arms (which, by the way, is another turn off).

Kissing, when done right, carries more weight than it’s given credit for. Brush up on your kissing skills and leave your partner thinking, “Mmmmmm!”