Talking to Prospects Means Listening to Prospects

One of the keys to selling anything is being a good listener – and it’s no different when you are a coach. In fact, it’s even more important to demonstrate this important trait because of what you are selling: experience, mentorship and support. So what is a great tool for managing to do this in networking settings? That’s today’s tip from Coach Rich Bernstein.

Hello, Mars Venus coaches out there! I wanted to give you your sales tip for this week from me directly.

One thing that I have noticed – and this is with coaches who are engaging other people, they are talking at networking events or they’re having a great conversation, and in their mind they are having a great discussion (with someone), trying to steer them in a certain direction.

If you remember from training, we talked about ‘narrative therapy’.

We want to make sure that you are asking potential clients questions about what they just answered. To do this, take the last 2-3 words that they just said and ask them a question about that, because if you really try to steer the conversation somewhere, you’re not listening to what they are saying. This forces you to listen, they steer the discussion, and at the end – trust me – it will end up with them wanting to work with you.

Please – don’t try to steer the discussion: let it go wherever they take it. Just ask them over and over about what they just said. So whatever their last sentence was, whatever their answer to your last question – use the last two words and ask them about that. Just keep doing that.

Trust me – they will fall in love with you!

Happy selling out there – bye!