Schedule Your Stress Away!

Stress has become such a common-place word that no one seems to take it seriously anymore. This is a big problem, as stress causes many problems, including physical and mental imbalance. With today’s hectic schedules and pressure for time, the best way to manage stress is to get it into your calendar. How? We’ll discuss that in today’s tip!

Hello, everyone! What I want to talk about today is stress. I know it’s probably the biggest factor around the world: we’re all stressed out, we all feel like we’re not in control, we all feel like we’re rushed, and what’s most important is that we’re feeling that way because we’re not taking the time to not feel that way.

I think what’s critical is that we realize that when cortisol is building in a man, he needs to rebuild testosterone.

In a woman, she needs to rebuild her oxytocin.

You can’t just say, “I’m going to do it at the end of the week” or “I’ll do it on Wednesday.” What you really have to focus on is: where is it in your calendar? Where is it in your schedule?

If you’re a man – where is it to rebuild your testosterone? Where is it to solve or fix, and then shut down, go into your “cave” and rebuild that.

Where is it for a woman to rebuild your oxytocin in your schedule? It has to be in there like a doctor’s appointment; it’s not something like “I’ll do it when I have a little bit of extra time.” If you plan this, if you put in your oxytocin-producing activities, which women can do.

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Iif you take the time, and put it in your calendar, you will stay balanced. And that’s the critical piece: when you’re feeling stressed, it’s because you are out of balance.

Take the time, schedule it in your calendar, and change your life.