Positive Message to Give to Your Children

It’s Okay to Want more..

It is to often thought that giving children permission to want more will make them too demanding or difficult to manage. It is certainly much easier to parent a child who accommodates your every wish and desire, but this child doesn’t get the opportunity to explore and develop his or her own sense of self, unique style, and direction in life. When children get the love and support they need to manage their feeling, giving them permission to want more does not make them demanding or difficult to manage. By wanting more and not getting it, children learn the important skill of delayed gratification and self-discipline.

Some parents worry that it may make their child too selfish. This is true if parents always cave in to their children’s wants and wishes. What spoils children is not getting what they want, but the power to manipulate others by wanting more and throwing tantrums to get it. Children become spoiled and selfish when parents deny their own wants in order to please their children.

To often we give our children the message that they are wrong, selfish, or spoiled for wanting more or for getting upset when they don’t get what they want. In the past, children were to be seen and not heard and then, later in life, they were ignored and overlooked. They were not allowed to ask for more or even to want more.

Today, with positive parenting skills, if we allow our children to want more, they will develop a stronger sense of who they are and what they are here to do in this world.

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