How Men & Women Promote Themselves Differently

In today’s tip, I share the differences how men and women communication differently.

It’s kind of interesting because men will speak up quicker than women will. Women don’t promote themselves. They actually believe that if they do a great job, they will actually be self-promoting. Men just jump right in.

A perfect example is when men are talking to each other, talking about football or having an interaction – if there’s another man there and he doesn’t say anything, then the man talking actually believes he has nothing to say. He won’t embarrass him, he won’t say anything, and he’ll just assume he has nothing to say.

It’s kind of interesting how men interact, but if a woman walks in, they would assume that if she’s got something to say, she would just say it.

But women don’t. They either wait to be called on or they wait till it’s their turn and they want to contribute. The interesting part, if a man doesn’t call them, they feel like they’re being left out or their excluded.

It’s interesting that not all men are one way or women are another, but in general, this happens a lot especially in business.

I you’re a man and you’re a leader, make sure you include the women even if its sports talk. If they have something to say, they’re not just going to jump in and say it. They are actually going to wait until they are called on.

Keep that in mind, it will make you a better leader.

Mars Venus Coaching is based on the differences between men and women. To be an effective leader, you need to be aware of these differences and incorporate them into your business and life.

I hope you enjoyed today’s tip!

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