Mars Venus explains How Men and Women Cope with Stress

How do Men and Women Deal with Stress?

How do Men and Women Deal with Stress?

One of the biggest problems in relationships is not because we cope with stress differently BUT because we don’t understand HOW we cope differently.

That’s the whole key, we just don’t understand who we are dealing with and we don’t understand it then we tend to misinterpreted.

Mars Venus poses the question “How do men and women cope with stress differently?” Very simple.

Based on Mars Venus Gender Intelligence Training, men cope with stress by solving problems, if I’m stressed then what can I do, let me find something to do and let me do something about it. The most depressing thing for a man is to think “There is nothing I could do to solve this problem.”  Men always feel their best when they are trying to solve problems.  But today there are so many problems that you can’t solve in one day,  mortgages, loans,  things that you have to wait for maybe 6 months or maybe tomorrow,  At the end of the day there are  problems that I cannot solve . So what men are experts at ? How do you solve an unsolvable problem? We have been doing it since the beginning of time. We’ve got this gene. If you can’t solve this problem, no problem! Forget it!  You stop using the left side of your brain and go use the right side of the brain, when you just can’t solve the problem. So if you are a man and go to the right side of the brain, your left side goes to sleep, has a nice rest. Per Mars Venus Gender Intelligence Training, women can’t leave the left side of the brain, they are always thinking, and they are always talking or planning to talk, remembering the talk or whatever….. The whole brain is functioning for woman and a different way for men.

Now we can go and feel sorry for women or feel sorry for man… or we can say “How can we support each other”? Let me explain first how women cope with stress. SHE OFTEN WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT!! She wants to express her feelings, her thoughts and her daily activities.

These two different gender specific traits in dealing with stress that sometimes don’t see eye to eye. So why would she ever want to do that if for man there is a problem and you can’t solve it, just forget it!! The other side of the coin, men should practice a more gender intelligent communication skill. If a woman is talking about a problem, remember man do not say these words “don’t worry about it “it is not a big deal, and forget it?

She’ll talk about some problems and you’ll say, just quit that job, find another job! It’s your choice, do something else. Does she feel like you are even interested in what she has to say? Nooo!! Does she feel like you really care about her? Noo!! And the truth is man, is she really asking for your advice at that time? Based on the best seller Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, SHE IS NOT ASKING FOR ADVICE.  She is simply looking for is  A WAY TO COPE WITH STRESS.

Author :

Mernela Anez

Certified Business & Life Coach

Mars Venus Coaching