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Creating a Stellar Team using Mars Venus Coaching Techniques – Gender Intelligence

Knowing the particular gender-specific strengths of your employees can be crucial for creating a productive and enthusiastic team that will elevate your company to a higher level of success. Our team at Mars Venus Coaching understands the importance of gender intelligence differences and can help you create a stellar team for your business.

Gender intelligence in the workplace is receiving more and more attention these days. On December 13, 2012, Bentley University’s Center for Women and Business hosted its inaugural Best Practices Forum, The Competitive Advance of Gender Intelligence. More than 100 executives, academics, and thought leaders gathered to explore the importance of gender intelligence in helping companies realize the full potential of their employees and compete successfully in today’s global economy.

According to Betsy Myers, founding director of the Center for Women and Business, “All the current research shows that diversity of color, culture, gender – and most importantly, thought – in an organization gives companies a competitive advantage… What we’re hearing from most companies is, ‘You don’t have to convince us that [diversity] is the right thing to do, we just don’t know how to do it,’” A few initiatives and programs have sprung up recently to address this gap in knowledge. Our company Mars Venus Coaching offers a unique executive training program that aims to provide company leaders exactly with what is missing: the tools to utilize gender intelligence in the workplace in order to create a stellar team for better business.

One of the main areas where conflicts and misunderstandings arise in the workplace is communication. When presented with a new opportunity, women often may want to talk through challenges they could face. Male leaders might perceive that as uncertainty, and therefore be less inclined to promote or appoint the woman in this case. On the other hand, male employees in the same situation are more likely to plunge into the new opportunity without sharing their concerns with the supervisors. Female leaders might view this behavior as not detail-oriented enough and short-sighted.

Here are some communication tools that can help alleviate misunderstandings and conflicts related to differences in gender-specific communication styles (based on a presentation of the leading expert on gender intelligence Barbara Annis for Executive Forum). To learn more about how to use these tools, consider taking advantage of Mars Venus Coaching’s’ training program that focus on communication in the workplace.

1. Declare your intention of active listening and of creating mutual understanding:
• Frame your listening to be conscious of potential gender differences.
• Check in with the other person to make sure you understand their intention, and watch for clues that they may not understand your intention.

2. Make no assumptions:
• Be aware of male/female differences
• Recognize our own perceptual filters and assumptions

3. Practice with intention:
• Question preconceived notions and assumptions
• Move to standing in the other person’s shoes
• Value difference: recognize that it isn’t about right, wrong or fixing

4. Expect breakdowns:
• Embrace breakdowns as an opportunity to create the next breakthrough
• Be compassionate with others . . . and with yourself

Understanding and utilizing gender intelligence differences will foster a more productive engagement with and within your workforce that will in turn mean better business. Our company, Mars Venus Coaching provides a unique training program that helps companies gain competitive advantage through understanding of gender intelligence.

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