Reply to How to Be A Once In A Generation Leader by Dave Logan


I agree Dave that, “The aspirations-reality-aspirations cycle described in this blog post can produce jobs, income, and wealth on a level our country has never seen.”

In order to bridge the gap between aspirations and reality people need to sit down and create well-thought out action plans for themselves. Part of their action plan can be writing in with solutions to key leadership, but inactivity over time becomes demoralizing–and it sounds like many people are at this camp. But they don’t have to be, if they want change to happen.

The responsibility to marry aspiration/reality to create jobs, income and wealth shouldn’t just be left to people running things. If we succumb to this mindset, then we are acting like victims, rather than well-adjusted adults contributing to the welfare and quality of life of those in our immediate networks. We all are responsible for and control where we focus our attention, our thoughts, feelings, and our reaction to the present.

This absolutely can be done on an individual/personal level, but people may argue the success you are talking about for the country, for big corporations, even small businesses has to be more complex. I say the success for these bigger entities relies on people understanding HOW to create and then implement these action plans on a daily basis for themselves. It’s in identifying an aspiration (or goal), what steps are necessary to bring about that change in real time–and then actually doing the things you list out–that intentional change occurs. You also test and measure your progress, plan for setbacks, trouble-shoot if you miss the mark, but you stay focused and on-course. Our ability to take a dream and put it into action is our greatest asset as a species. If we want to see big change, we can’t sit on the sidelines and gripe, this does not lift us up or propel us forward.

We all have the potential to create big waves of change, if we first start with ourselves and take daily action for the change we want to see–whatever and wherever that is in our life, in the world.

Thanks for your insight. I look forward to sharing the pattern you picked up on with clients and friends.


Lyndsay Katauskas, MEd

Mars Venus Coaching

Corporate Media Relations