Gender Awareness in the Workplace

Everyone knows that men and women are wired very differently. Often called the battle of the sexes, men and women have different hot buttons, different emotional needs and they process information differently.

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Today’s article is about women in the workplace. Actually, it’s also about gender blindness in the workplace.

When we have a workplace that doesn’t really have a sensitivity around how men and women are led differently, how they buy differently, how they receive information and process it differently.

If your a leader on your team, you definitely want to make sure that your
business is gender aware. Is gender sensitive. You have the gender gap so how you describe what you want done to a woman is very different than how you going tio describe it to a man. You want to make sure that you are gender aware in running your business. It’s critical. especially for the women that are going to grow in your business and become leaders.

When woman process information, they really want to know the whole picture.

Men – they don’t wanna know the whole picture. They just just want to be told what to do, get it done, get results and move forward.

If you are in business, and do not understand the gender-based thought, I recommend that you look at and get the answers for yourself. It will change the way you run your business.

The Mars Venus Gender Training is based on the work by Dr. John Gray, author of the NY Times Best Seller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.