Why Following the System Works

Why Following the System Works

Most people, if given a choice, will take the shortcut. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it comes to your prospective coaching clients, it definitely doesn’t. People aren’t on a conveyor belt like a product from a factory; they need to be taken along a process, and if you skip the steps in the process – no matter how well things are going – you could be looking at losing business.

So how do you follow the system and make it work? Listen to this week’s tip from Coach Rich Bernstein.

I just wanted to give you my tip of the day, and what I want to talk about is following the system.

One of the notions I’ve heard from a lot of coaches is that following the system is so that you have a systematic approach – especially in the sales process. I really want to clarify – and maybe something you don’t hear in training because you’re learning so much information at the same time – but I just want to clarify the reason we follow the system.

The most important reason has nothing to do with the system itself. What it really has to do with is the mindset of your prospective client getting drawn to you, closer and closer, as you take them through the system and coaching them to want to be coached by you. So let me just give you a few examples of that.

When you have done a workshop, or you meet someone at a networking function, for you to just race them through or skip the steps – they don’t understand coaching well enough. You haven’t coached them to want to go to the next step.

What I’m doing when I’m finishing a workshop and having them fill out that pre-diag questionnaire is really seeing how much commitment they have, how much they really want to make a change in their life, and when they do that – Bingo! They have proved to me that they want to go to the next step. More importantly, they have proved to themselves.

If I take that pre-diag and run right out and meet with them, I’ve lost the power of drawing them like a magnet to me. So the second step: I set up the phone call. I drill down into the D and the V. I see how committed they are. I am getting their mindset ready, and actually giving them a mini-coaching session to want to then, “Yep, I think we can work together, let’s meet face-to-face.”

When we have that diag meeting, same thing: I am following that process to draw them to me as opposed to shoving this coaching thing down their throat.

It’s very, very important that you understand that it’s not just the steps, but it’s the mindset of the prospect going through these steps and coaching them to want to be coached by you.

Please follow the system, have an excellent weekend, and I will talk to you all soon. Thank you.