Don’t Just Plan to Execute – Execute!

Good evening all Mars Venus Coaches and business owners who watch this. This is a tip from Rich Bernstein with Mars Venus Coaching.

What I’ve been noticing from a lot of coaches that send me their calendars is that they spend a lot of time during their day actually planning activities, and most of the time the activity was centered around a topic. For example, Monday morning from 9:00am to 10:00am they schedule their time for something like “marketing.”

Creating a calendar like this doesn’t mean a lot for activities…

What I really suggest is that you use your evenings and the very early morning hours for planning your day. The day itself should be your execution time.

You should really look at the two parts: what is your planning and what is your execution? This is what I’ve noticed: most people are struggling on the execution part. They’re too busy planning what they’re going to execute and they don’t execute anything.

I challenge all of you to make your evenings and very early mornings as your planning time and keep the day for executing your plan. Hopefully, you will find the success you are planning for.

Have a great weekend and we will talk soon.