4 Steps to Finding the Model Employee

Now the topic we are talking about today is “How to hire stellar employees”.

One of the problems that I’m sure a lot of business owner have this also. You literally have an interview with someone. You really like them. They say all the right things. You ask all the right questions. You decide to hire them. You bring them in and 2 weeks later, it’s a completely different person. Has that ever happened to you?

What we want to show you is how to really get the right kind of person over a period of time. You can’t just make that in one call, in one decision, one meeting. The best way to do that is follow this 4-hour format that we are talking about here in this article. Where it really starts is bringing as many people as you can in a group interview. A lot of people don’t like that. But just bring them in, throw them into a room, talk about the job.

And step one is to get them to stand up in front of everyone and tell us why we should hire you as opposed to everyone else in the room. That eliminates half the people right there. We find it is not so much a selection process, as much as a deselection process. Let them deselect themselves right there. So that’s #1. First step – bring them in a group. Get them into the room, then to stand up and tell you why we should hire them.

Step 2 – Bring them back then – one on one. To actually meet them, to see if they show up on time again, and see if they are wearing the same kind of nice clothes. Say the same things. Some of them won’t even come on time the second time. You want to see if they are the kind of person that shows up and does what they say – the way they say.

Step 3 – You get them to literally meet the rest of the team. Where now, it’s turned around. And they are interviewing your team.

The 4th step is an induction. I can get into a lot more depth if you give me a call or click on the link below and you find out more about how we do it. I would love to train you. It’s how to get stellar employees and we all want that. Thanks for listening.