3rd Key To Healing The Hurt

“4 Keys to Healing the Hurt”. We hope you have gotten some good advice and information in the first two emails you received. To review, we highlighted the:

1. Importance of understanding the three stages of healing so that you don’t rush or miss critical stages in the healing process.

2. Importance of understanding the different challenges men and women face when starting over. Learning about both sides is valuable in case you recognize something that applies to you.

Being single again, our lives are suddenly transformed. It is as though we are suddenly faced with the rest of our lives and have no idea what to do. The first step to healing is to obtain a better understanding of why we are reacting the way we are. With this heightened awareness, you can become whole again. So let’s continue, here is the third key to healing the hurt.

Healing our hotspots
Long before the heart if ready to let go, the mind wants to move on. This speedy thinking is fine for the mind, but it is not the way the heart heals. The heart moves much more slowly and its healing is often linked to not only the current hurt, but to some other previous pain. When we experience pain in our lives, often time we are reacting not only to the pain in the present situation, but to unresolved issues in our past. Unconsciously, we link what happened now to some previous situation that had the same (or very similar) emotions. That is one of the reasons why our negative emotions are stronger as time goes by; we are carrying the psychological load of what just occurred to us, plus all the previous pain we haven´t resolved in the past.

Some people, who appear to have let go, sometimes really haven’t. They believe they have successfully moved on, but what they’ve really done is closed the door to their hearts. To avoid feeling their pain, they move on too quickly. And because they moved on so quickly, they’ve numbed their ability to fully feel. Without realizing it, they have also closed their hearts. They carry on in their lives unable to feel love in their hearts. Their ability to grow in love and happiness is stunted.

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